Services and products

We cover the comprehensive jobs with a high added value, covering the path from plan through design to implementation.

design documentation of all stages according to Decree 499/2006
project management - General designer, project manager
other types of documentation
supervision and project management – technical supervision of the builder, author's supervision
implementation of projects
diagnostics and inspections of steel structures
3D scanning – scan to BIM
construction and technical surveys
zoning and urban planning
Our employees are certified engineers and architects in the fields of
building constructions (also recognized for Germany)
statics and dynamics of building structures (also recognized for Germany)
bridges and civil engineering structures
technological equipment of buildings
architecture and zoning of the VP: general certification
In the field of production and assembly, we have the following specializations and qualifications
IWE, International Welding Engineer - ČSN EN ISO 14731
non-destructive testing of welds - ultrasonic testing – ČSN EN ISO 17640
non-destructive testing - capillary testing – ČSN EN ISO 3452
non-destructive testing of welds - visual inspection of melting welds – ČSN EN ISO 17637

A strong partner for your projects

For more than 30 years, we have exported our designs and products to more than 50 countries around the world.
> 30 years successful on the market
> 30 years
successful on the market
> 50 countries, where to find our work
> 50 countries,
where to find our work
Certificates for all production
for all production
Comprehensive services from design to assembly
Comprehensive services
from design to assembly