Process technology and piping systems

In the field of mechanical technology and process engineering, we act as a general designer and design technological solutions, especially in the field of power plant construction. We process complete project documentation in the fields of power generation, heat generation, chemical industry as well as in other industrial fields. We provide interdisciplinary coordination including the incorporation of related professions (construction, process electrical, I&C, etc.) and the creation of other required documentation such as HAZOP studies, SIL, external influence determination protocols, etc. All design work is carried out using 3D systems, which allows us to collaborate with other entities based on BIM rules.

Design documentation of industrial facilities:
  • Preliminary Study
  • Conceptual Design
  • Feasibility Study (technical part)
  • Project documentation for the authority decision on the location of the building
  • Project documentation for the authority of a common permit
  • Project documentation for the authority construction permit or for the notification of the construction
  • Dismantling documentation
  • Project documentation for the execution of the construction (Basic Design, Detail Design)
  • Implementation documentation
  • Documentation of alterations to the construction before completion
  • As built documentation
  • Documentation of the actual construction condition
Other activities and documentation:
  • Technical Due Diligence and assessment of energy systems
  • Optimization of the operation of energy systems
  • Assistance in the selection of EPC contractors
  • Preparation of Tender Documentation
  • Contract preparation - drafting the technical part
  • Balance sheet calculations
  • Pipeline strength calculations
  • Processing of piping systems using 3D design (3D model, isometric diagrams, material specifications, coating and insulation specifications, etc.)
Processed technological units:

Our company prepares designs of technological equipment mainly in the field of conventional power engineering. These include:

  • boiler plants for combustion of conventional and alternative fuels
  • fuel supply systems
  • ash disposal systems
  • flue gas systems, including flue gas cleaning
  • machinery installations of power plants
  • water supply systems
  • external and internal connecting pipelines (steam, feed water, air, fuels etc.)
  • feed water systems
  • deareation systems
  • condensate systems
  • cooling water systems
  • compressed air and gas systems
  • other systems according to the technology used
Processing technology in other industries, especially piping systems:
  • paper industry
  • petrochemical industry
  • natural gas industry
  • other industries as appropriate

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