Design documentation and author's supervision of the contract concerning Replacement of Heat water Exchangers


The contract consisted in the delivery of complete design documentation for the implementation of the replacement of Heat water Exchanger for each Main Production Unit. Part of the replacement of the heaters was also formed by a design of distribution pipelines of steam, hot water, condensate and other technological gases, including pumps and other machine technologies. As the documentation of the actual condition of the steel structure hall was not complete, a survey and geodetic survey had to be carried out before the design work began. Activities on this contract:

  • Survey and geodetic survey of existing load-bearing steel structures
  • Design of all layout of the Heaters and other machine technologies (piping distributions, supporting elements, valves, closures, measurement systems, service platforms, pumps, steam manifolds, etc.)
  • Structural analysis of a steel structure including reinforcement design for unsatisfactory members
  • Design documentation of all elements of machine technology
  • Design documentation of steel and concrete structures: building permit design documentation, detailed design documentation, workshop documentation, as-built documentation
  • Author´s supervision and technical support from design to implementation
Year of implementation
12/2018 – 09/2019
Temelin Nuclear Power Plant, Czech Republic
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