Project documentation for the construction permit - Dosing of sorbent into the flue gas


The contract consisted of the installation of equipment for reduction of mercury in flue gas on five units of the Počerady Power Plant (5 x 200 Mwe). The subject was documentation in the stage "Documentation for the construction permit".

The technology included the following equipment:

- 3 x truck unloading units

- 3 x storage silo for sorbent (activated carbon)

- 5 x intermediate (daily) sorbent silo

- 5 x pneumatic ejector

- 5 x injection ports

- 5 x air blowers for sorbent injection

- 3 x nitrogen inerting equipmant

The sorbent consumption was set at 20 - 200 kg/h per unit.

The activated carbon stored in the silo is fluidised with air from the existing pressurised air distribution system and transported by pneumatic conveyance to the injection nozzles and is sprayed into the flue gas ducts where the mercury from the flue gas is absorbed.

The documentation also included (in addition to the documentation for the building permit) an external effects determination report, explosion protection documentation and other documents.

The contract was not only processed in our company in terms of technology, it also included documentation of the building and steel structures. The documentation of the Electrical Engineering and the Instrumentation and Control (I&C) were subcontracted and provided by ALLCONS.

Year of implementation
12/2022 - 01/2023
Počerady, Czech Republic
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